VSM Music Studio - Richmond Hill

Rozana Koren

4 Winterport Ct
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 9V6 Canada

Phone: 905-771-9095
Email: rozana@torontopianoteacher.com

Full time Piano teacher (Conservatory and private) and Accompanist for strings and vocal with many years of experience (Latvia and Canada) in providing accompaniment for students' exams, auditions and music festivals.

Rozana Koren sports two major diplomas: “Master of Fine Arts in Piano Teaching” from the Latvian State Academy and “Teacher of Piano” from the Latvian Ministry of Culture Qualification Institute. Rozana successfully prepares her students for RCM examinations and Festivals and her students have won many important awards. She approaches her work with energy, passion, and a deep commitment to the development of young musicians.

Розана Корен - выпускник Латвийской Государственной Консерватории (г. Рига). Более 20 лет  преподает фортепиано в Канаде. Ученики Розаны получают высшие награды на музыкальных конкурсах и фестивалях.